Daily, it feels like a trendy new skincare ingredient that is said to change your skin for the better and for so long. While some ingredients are more hype than action, others are worth it. You’ve likely heard the claims around peptides as an anti-aging must-have ingredient to smooth, repair, and hydrate skin, but have you ever wondered what a peptide is and what it does for the skin, exactly?

What are Peptides?

Peptides are one of the most talked-about ingredients in the sector of anti-aging worldwide skincare. When applied to your skin, they demonstrate remarkable and effective benefits, revitalizing your skin and making it more resilient and younger. 

Peptides play the role of the building blocks of collagen and elastin fibers that are found in our skin; They are short chains of amino acids that can tell the body to produce even more collagen, without these proteins, we will see the appearance of wrinkles, the loss of skin firmness, and elasticity. 

How it works? 

When Peptides are applied topically to the skin as a serum or moisturizer, they act as messengers triggering skin cells to perform specific functions mainly like building collagen and elastin, encouraging the skin to act and appear younger. Thanks to this, peptides can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and support your skin on multiple levels, such as firming, soothing, and hydrating the skin. But that’s not all.

Since peptides comprise up to 50 amino acids, they’re also incredibly mutable by adding, subtracting, or replacing one of those amino acids. Then you have a new peptide that might have a different function, including skin smoothing, firming, reducing inflammation, and locking in hydration.

What are the benefits of Peptides?

There are hundreds of peptides, but the ones in your skincare—particularly (tetrapeptides and hexapeptides) have specific physical properties that impact their functions. When you find out products containing tetrapeptides or hexapeptides, they have different functions because of their chemical structure and properties.

Hexapeptides contain six amino acids, focusing on brightening the skin, while Tetrapeptides with four amino acids boost skin elasticity and firmness. 

The collagen molecule is too large to be absorbed through the skin, but peptides can be absorbed into the skin, where the body can use them. Incorporating peptides into your daily skincare routine has many benefits for the skin in the short and long term.

  • Strengthens skin barrier: The skin barrier is the first line of defense against bacteria, ultraviolet rays, pollution, and bad exterior effects. Peptides will help you to build up a stronger skin barrier.

  • Reduced wrinkles: Every year, collagen production decreases, which causes wrinkles and fine lines; using peptides can encourage skin cells to produce these important ingredients. Collagen production can plump skin, and when skin is firmer and plumper, wrinkles and fine lines will be less visible.

  • Locks in hydration: As you age, collagen production decreases, causing dehydration. When peptides help increase collagen production, they also increase skin hydration.
  • Help for elastic skin: peptides also make up elastin fibers, making skin look firmer.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties: Peptides can help ease inflammation, repair damaged skin, and even out skin tone.
  • Clear breakouts: Some peptides are antimicrobial, meaning they can kill bacteria causing acne.

How to Use It

As you can probably guess, peptides have found their way onto international store shelves in the form of face washes, serums, creams, masks, and more. Peptides are safe to use twice daily.

Choosing BeautiPura® Peptides Products 

BeautiPura® COPPER PEPTIDES BOOSTER will revitalize the skin from the inside out as soon as it touches the skin. Advanced delivery systems ensure the deep delivery of these vital molecules to aging skin cells. This serum, as evidence from clinical studies, shows remarkable skin-repairing age-reversing actions. The high concentrations of wrinkle-freezing peptides will attack dynamic wrinkles in a topical Botox-like fashion and result in spectacular transformations.

Copper peptides are, in fact, responsible for realigning and resetting aging DNA, essentially turning back time and diminishing the hallmarks of sun-damaged skin. Fine lines, age spots, uneven skin tone, dryness, and dullness will melt away when using the serum.

BeautiPura® 2MIN INSTANT LIFT & WRINKLE REPAIR SERUM is an ultimate lifting & anti-aging concentrated facial serum. This advanced formulation provides dual benefits for the short and long term; The serum provides an immediate lifting effect that quickly hides wrinkles and fine lines in the short term. Furthermore, it helps the skin’s repairing process by improving its elasticity and cohesion. For a long-term action of wrinkle and expression lines reduction, this premium and advanced formula improves results as an anti-aging effect in 30 days if used daily, as 72% of volunteers showed a significant reduction within the appearance of fine lines (+33%) and (-17%) wrinkles.

BeautiPura® EGF SERUM for total Skin Rejuvenation, this clinically backed heavy-hitting serum will deliver vital molecules deep into the skin layers, resulting in skin visible transformations and regeneration. 

The EGF Serum (Epidermal Growth Factors Serum) increases skin elasticity, promotes collagen production, increases cellular turnover, and restores the natural youthful balance of the skin matrix safely and effectively. Infused with powerful Phyto actives, nutrients, and skin smoothers, the natural ability of the skin to heal is optimized as aging cells are reprogrammed for a youthful glow.

BeautiPura® ARGIRELINE PEPTIDES CAPSULES. The Argireline peptide is widely known as one of the most powerful and effective topical anti-wrinkle compounds on the market;

Several factors cause facial skin aging. Whether hereditary, environmental, physiological changes, or even by the very nature of the skin, all these multi-factors results in premature aging, age factor, and photoaging that can take the form of various degrees of collagen loss which causes wrinkles, uneven skin tone, sagging, and dry skin with a dull complexion.

In addition, there are other physical forces at play, such as facial expressions like frowning that cause a contraction of the facial muscles, eventually generating dynamic wrinkle formation as constant lifelong muscle contractions will result in loss of collagen and elastin of the underlying tissue.

BEAUTIPURA ARGIRELINE PEPTIDES CAPSULES clinically has been proven to inhibit face muscular contraction, reduces the appearance of existing facial wrinkles, and is also effective against developing those hard-to-treat new expression wrinkles. Each silver capsule contains an effective dose of Argireline, which delivers exceptional anti-wrinkle, and facial firming properties.

Studies show that the severity of wrinkles around the eyes decreased to 17% after 15 days of treatment and up to 27% after 30 days of treatment.



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