Whether you’ve been struggling with stubborn blackheads or looking to revitalize your dull complexion, Chances you came across one day this ingredient in a skincare product ingredient list: Salicylic Acid (BHA). If that’s the case with this powerful ingredient, let’s learn what salicylic acid is and get a few things straight about its benefits.

Salicylic Acid and your Skin

Salicylic acid (BHA) Salicylic acid is a part of the beta-hydroxy acid family (BHA), a carbon-based organic ingredient naturally sourced from willow bark. It is an ideal ingredient for deep skin exfoliation, particularly for diminishing the appearance of blackheads and whiteheads. This fat-soluble acid penetrating follicles and skin, loosening the attachments between cells in the outer layer of the skin. These attachments are called desmosomes that hold the skin together, dissolving the dead skin cells clogging your pores. Salicylic Acid (BHA) is great for people with traditionally problematic or acne skin. It also works to constrict the pore diameter, which helps reduce the risk of future pores clogging and the appearance of blackheads or whiteheads.

Salicylic Acid as an Exfoliator

One of the most remarkable benefits of salicylic acid treatment is its ability to exfoliate your skin deeply. Many skin issues are caused by the build-up of dead skin cells on the skin's surface. The acid penetrates the skin's pores to dissolve dead skin cells, and flaky skin built upon the surface of the skin and causes clogged pores. Salicylic acid also helps to remove bacteria and grime built up on the skin's surface so that pores can remain clear and free from irritants. 


Salicylic Acid and Acne

Salicylic Acid is particularly beneficial for individuals with acne-prone skin to eliminate blackheads and whiteheads, particularly around the nose and in areas prone to blackheads. 

In addition, the acid is an efficient ingredient for reducing acne breakouts thanks to its unique ability to interrupt apart the attachments between cells within the outer layers of the skin. This allows the acid to unclog pores which will cause blemishes.

Also, salicylic acid is lipophilic, which means that it can penetrate oily skin easily and the clogged pores to provide skin with the deep cleaning it needs to reduce acne breakouts also beneficial in combating acne breakouts due to its ability to scale back sebum secretion, which is one of the common and main causes of acne is the overproduction and presence of oil on the skin, which clogs the pores and results in the build-up of irritants.

How to use products with BHA? 

You may be eager to add salicylic acid (BHA) to your daily skincare routine. Still, since Salicylic Acid can cause skin dehydration, it is important to pay extra attention to your skin's hydration. It will help if you look for products with moisturizing ingredients, such as soothing oils, Hyaluronic Acid, and Ceramides.

Still, the general rule is if your skin struggles with acne or excess oil, you can use products with a lower percentage of BHA every day to clear skin of excess oil, dirt, and makeup; specifically, 1% salicylic acid is often gentle enough to use every single day to treat acne. On the other hand, products with higher percentages and doses of BHAs, such as peels, are designed to be used once a week.

Choosing BeautiPura® Salicylic Acid Treatments

As evidenced above, salicylic acid has many remarkable benefits to improve your skin health and appearance. Often salicylic acid is the best ingredient targeted to individuals with acne-prone skin. If you are looking for acne treatments that contain salicylic acid, BeautiPura®Super Salicylic Acid anti-blemish purifying Cream, BeautiPura®Ultra-Sensitive Skin Micellar Water, BeautiPura®Eye Contour Repair Serum, and BeautiPura®advanced low molecular Hyaluronic Acid eye Serum, Treatments may be the right option.



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